“Studiosissimus indagator […] inter antiquos antiquissimus”. Cyriac of Ancona (1391-1455?) on the trail of Greek antiquity

Michail Chatzidakis (Humboldt Universität)

Michail Chatzidakis (Ph.D. Humboldt University 2012, Habil. Humboldt University, 2024) is private lecturer (Dr.habil.) at the institute of art and visual studies at the Humboldt University (Berlin, Germany) and research assistant at the projekt “Iconophilia, pictorial criticism and ornamenta ecclesiae. Papal concepts of pragmatic image, object and ornament culture 600-900” (2022-2024). Recent publications include Ciriaco d’ Ancona und die Wiederentdeckung Griechenlands im 15. Jahrhundert, Petersberg 2017 and Antikentransformationen bei Raffael und seinem Umkreis. Concetti anticamente moderni e modernamente antichi in der Sala di Costantino, Berlin 2024 (in preparation).

In the course of his restless, wandering life Ciriaco Pizzecolli (1391-1455?), a merchant from Ancona by profession, made it his mission to range around the Eastern Mediterranean in order to inspect, describe and conduct research into as many extant monuments of the ancient world as possible and to make a record of them in his travel diaries in the form of notes and drawings. Ciriaco’s studies of Greek antiquity and his own personal authority ensured that his work remained central to European antiquarianism as late as the age of Jacob Spon in the latter part of the seventeenth century. The paper is intended to provide an approach to understanding of Ciriaco’s working methods, to scrutinize the scientific nature of his methodology, to address his credibility by modern standards as well as his practices when mapping out terrain, whereby the imaginative approach to Antiquity so clearly discernible in Ciriaco is taken as rooted in Ciriaco’s profound, multifaceted familiarity with Classical culture. An attempt will be made to elucidate selected, exemplary case studies.

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